1st Prototype

Prototype 1….The Ricey Rocket Stove

We created a stove out of steel that blended the ideology of a Mayon Turbo Stove with that of a Rocket Stove. What we took from the the MTS was the conical input of rice hulls and slowly heated as they got closer to the fire. We also have an ashtray to catch the burnt rice hulls as well as tubular cones to aide in air intake to the stove from under the ashtray. From the stove, we have a rectangular enclosed chamber for heat combustion.


Features of the Stove

  • Conical chutes into main burn chamber for rice hulls

  • Bottom is open for air intake and ash deposits.
  • Experiment 2 ran on Sunday February 7, burning rice hulls in the designed stove.


  • Prototype failed. 🙁
  • Rice could not pour through the chutes fast enough or was too fast.
  • Bottom trapped too much ash and could not deposit ash efficiently enough.
  • Need to improve oxygen intake so fire doesn’t smother itself.


  • Make modifications to our first prototype including
    • welding pieces of steel in gaps where rice hulls fell through
    • Cutting a larger opening in the bottom where rice hulls burn
    • Adding in cylindrical tubes from the bottom of the stove for increased air flow to the fire