3rd Prototype

Transformer Stove


After testing the MTS, our 1st prototype and 2nd prototype, we realized that the stove design needs to be versatile. Rice Hulls are not available year round, so we are creating a stove that will allow for both rice hull burning and wood buring.

New Stove features:

  • Sheet metal main burn chamber

  • Adjustable side chutes with 90 degrees motion.

  • Adjustable burn trays with pipes for air intake

The stove was completed on February 22nd, and the testing of the stove was done on February 28th. The testing is supposed to find the optimal chute angle and burn tray design.


  • The stove would not stay lit.
    • The only thing that would burn is the paper we used in our attempt to start the fire.
  • After that we lit the MTS to see what could be wrong with the new design.
    • We decided that the cone in the MTS was an essential component of the stove.
  • Modification for next time: construction of a cone that will fit our combustion chamber.