4th P


´╗┐Modifications were made to the stove. After retesting the MTS, we realized we were missing key features. Below are three new structures that were added to the stove to make the Super Stove. The first is a tray that is inserted at the bottom of the burn chamber. Rice hulls come through the chutes and continue to slide down the sides of this tray into the burn area. Located about 1″ to 2″ below the tray is the second image. The rice hulls rest around the air tubes and once burnt, fall to the sides and onto the ground below. The third image is a cone that was inserted inside the burn chamber. Its purpose is to centralize and direct heat.

Ramping Tray Ashtray with Air Pipes Deflection Cone

After making these changes, we tested the stove on March 7th, 2011…..and it was a success! We easily lit a fire with a piece of newspaper and the fire remained lit!


What we noticed:
– sounds like a rocket
– burn successful
– huge flame!
– lots of heat
– outside very hot
– burnt rice hulls getting stuck in burn area
– some back burn into chutes as rice hulls got very low

Possible things we can do to modify the stove:
– add internal pipe
– pipe on top of cone
– close top off
– add insulation to inside
perforate ramping tray for added air intake