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Comments/Suggestion Section:

Good job. I like how you worked together and I like the progress you made. Website and Presentation are great.

Pete: It seems as though you didn’t finish this page? There is nothing after “joining” at the end.
I like our log of work that you’ve done lab to lab. However, I think that you should have a more complete documentation of the outcomes on the main page if possible. For instance, I would put some close up pictures of the final bike stand.
Can you provide a conclusion summarizing what you’ve learned and where you see this going?

Thanks for letting our group look at your bike stand design. Your design helped us create a similar bike stand out of wood and screws. I think it’s really cool you guys managed to make such a sturdy stand without any screws or nails. I also thought your latest additions/reinforcements improved the bike stand a lot. – Cristy

Here’s a picture for you:

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 8.15.53 AM.png

  • Here is something that I saw done in India:
  • The dotted lines are threaded steel rods. – Stephen
    • Done
  • Consider splitting this runon into two sentences: “We attempted to take into consideration the motivation and personalities of our group by acknowledging and discussing our personal drive to have chosen the project, and then more specifically a generally shared drive to create a bamboo bicycle that we realized was largely an ego and “cool factor” driven motivation that did not fit well with our desire to have a project with broader learning objectives that could potentially help future groups in the design of Appropriate Technology.”Done

Your totals in your decision matrix are calculated incorrectly since the majority of them are greater than 10.The 1-10 scale refers to the values we used in each of the categories, it does not mean the total value of each option should lie in the range of 1-10. I see the confusion of having that information located above the totals, we had mainly placed it there to serve as a reminder to ourselves as we assigned values in the matrix.How did you calculate those totals then? To my knowledge, if you are weighting your categories out of 100%, your totals should be between 0-10. For example, the first one would be calculated 2(.19)+8(.14)+2(.19)+4(.14)+10(.1)+10(.09)+2(.15) = 4.64.I found the error in our excel equation and have corrected the matrix, thanks for spotting the mistake.

  • It was great to see you guys collaborate with the bike pump group today in lab and find a immediate need that a bamboo structure could fill. -Ethan F.

I like that you have a separate section for each lab. It shows what you have been working on and allows one to see how your ideas have developed throughout the quarter. -Anna

It has been such a pleasure working with you girls w/ the bike stand! keep up the good work! -Sheila

Sounds like you are dealing with the split lab times well. I would add some pictures about your progress so far, I have seen you guys makes some things so put something up to show off! Some specifics about the strength, durability, etc. about the bamboo would be a great addition to your site. – Shauna

I like that you have the links to both sections to show what each section has done thus far, but I think that the final product might flow better / relay the information better. Just a thought! -Pearce

Have you considered developing methods of bamboo construction that do not require power tools? Mills and drill presses may be hard to find in some places where bamboo is still abundant and affordable. – Sean

I see you guys working hard on methods to bind bamboo in an effective way – do you have a plan to build a larger project or well or keep experimenting on bamboo construction? – Oren

I’ve noticed your group working semi closely with the water pump group, and was wondering how you’re helping them out. It looks like you’re developing some type of bike stand, but I’m not sure. If that’s the case, the clothes drying group would also like to try it out as it would make a great way to prop up our bike powered drier as well. – Nichol-B