Aid Model in Haiti

New Aid Model: Haiti
Aid Model in Haiti (focus Deforestation)

We have made our own website, please see: Haiti New Aid Model

Pete: I think this is a good start, but not adequate in content for this late in the quarter. While there is not requirement of exactly what should be included, you might add some history, what NGOs are doing. Have you spoken with anyone in Haiti, or with a Hatian NGO? What in particular is your plan? Do you have any challenges? How have you handled this? Present website grade: 5/10

Group Members:
Elena Teare –, (925) 876-2886
Gabriella Bragoli –, (530) 518-2961
Jason Patterson –, (619) 927-1434
Mike Pollack –, (415) 412-3851
Calvin Sandeen –, (707) 799-3680

Problem Statement:

The main objective of the Aid Model project in Haiti is addressing the severe ecological issue of deforestation and erosion. Primarily, this will be approached through the application of grassroots development theories in the rural agricultural communities of the island. We will assess the environmental data supplied through the group Deforestation in Haiti, and our group will focus on the financial feasibility and logistics of the situation.

Resources: iHaiti Communitere GROUP ;)