Appropriate Agriculture

Appropriate Agriculture

San Pablo Tacana grows greenhouse roses and tomatoes as a source of income. The greenhouses face challenges such as humidity, temperature regulation, and pest control. The community has limited technical knowledge to address heat and ventilation issues. Due to outside influences and financial constraints, they use commercial fertilizers and insecticides for pest control. Inappropriate greenhouse management techniques are costing the community time (in relation to accrued interest on loans), money, resources, and organic integrity.

University students from San Pablo and students from Cal Poly have formed our E-Team,
Oro Verde, to collaboratively address the above stated issues. Together the team will
survey greenhouse practice and practical knowledge. Analysis of this information will
enable Oro Verde to:

  • Identify existing and potential practices which adversely affect the greenhouse environment
  • Understand specific social, economic, geographic, and technological limitations of greenhouse production in San Pablo
  • Design an effective greenhouse system that utilizes appropriate practices specific to San Pablo’s social/economic/geographic/technological capabilities. The system will be organic, sustainable, and environmentally conscious.
  • Disseminate knowledge to community for wide-spread success

We envision a collaboration that: promotes environmental and cultural awareness, uses co-created methods, strengthens local knowledge of Organic Agriculture, focuses on sustainability, fosters local innovation of appropriate technologies, as well as one that, shares Cal Poly organic agriculture experiences and scientific expertise. We will use practical methods to relay research results, such as, the creation of friendly charts appropriate to San Pablo’s local factors

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