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Solar Electric Cooking, Kenya Dec. 17. Your Grade is “A”. Please put a link on your website back to our class page. Chumbe ( is from this Kenyan village and lives in SLO. Fall 2017 Project, See first three projects in Spring 2018 Appropriate Technology.SCI
Alena Andrews (
Elsa Bassett (
Elle Derby (
Luke Jelmini (
Solar Electric Cooking, Malawi Dec. 18. Your grade is “B+/A-“. There are parts of the November feedback that I would have liked to see addressed such as the outcome of the cooking and details of the community. Otherwise, very good. Fall 2017 Project, See first three projects in Spring 2018 Appropriate TechnologySCI Peyton From, Jonathan Babu, Harry Yan, and Andre Harnack
Food Preservation, Sierra Leone Dec. 18, B+/A-, You’ve done a good job. It seems you’ve addressed about half of my statements from Nov. 19. I understand that you have ruled out the high moisture barrier material because it is too expensive and has supply-side, dependency, and environmental concerns. However, what about the original work we did with cheap plastic? It’s still way better than nothing, no? Additionally, what is the effect of opening the bag compared to having a low moisture barrier plastic? See some answers with Dialog between Chris and Pete Anita Kelleher, Kathrine Lane, Tyler Hentges, Christopher Tom
Homeless Dec. 18 Thank you! You’ve built a great website and responded to all the points I brought up in Nov. 19. Your website earns an “A”. Jill Bolster-White -Blake Irysh:; Camille Kelem:; Haley Rositano:; Jess MacMillan: (me); Sawyer Koelsch:
Maternal Matters Dec. 18. I appreciate the completion of most of what I requested in November. You have an “A”. The statement you make about life expectancy from the tangent of the population graph is incorrect. The shape of the graph is largely the result of high fecundity… Population growth. Alternatively, the USA as about 2 children per parent, so the population is about the same for all ages (until people die above ages of 65. I request that change that statement to something correct. Thanks! Contact Amy, Sara Della Ripa Mirianne Miranda, Kaylee O’Brien, Megan Rutherford, Jackson Fallin
Solar Suit Case Dec. 18. Your grade is “A”. Thanks for incorporating everything I asked you to and making the videos for Hal. I’ll be interested to hear what he has to say about his side of the experience. Link to project website: We Share Solar, also see the SS part of this NYTimes Article… note the cost Will Fallat, Kalie Oku, Nicko Latz, and Madison Weatherford
Solar Ice in Ghana Dec. 18. Grade: “A-“, Good job, and thanks for making the changes I requested. In the video at one point the audio is displaced about 10 seconds from the video, so the explanation of the night light map is incorrect. It would be nice if you could correct that. Please put a link to our class website when you mention it on the website. I thought you could have more thoroughly developed the technology, plan, and stakeholder’s analysis. Brianna Sasao, Cassidy Towne, Tony Zhu, Jake Hazeltine
Zanzibar Waste Dec. 18. I find this well-done and well presented. Your grade is an “A”. Please put a direct link to our class website when you mention it. On the project-2 page, the 4 stages of waste covers over another picture. Is it supposed to be like that? Stake holders – Kairo, you wrote “steak”. I would also like to see the Zero Waste Club take this up. Can you contact them? It would be interesting for me to have a parallel project where we at Poly do what we’d like to model for Zanzibar. Could we partner with the college or university there? I think that an alternative water distribution system would be helpful toward reducing financial and environmental waste. Your video excellently summarizes your project. I’d recommend putting the link right at the top of the first page. Jenna Michelle Landy <>, Cailyn Joy Wolberg <>, Emily Jean Holloway <>, Megan Rose Handley <>, Jay Harvey <>
Insects: Protein for a Sustainable Future Dec. 18. Excellent Website! You’ve done an incredible job assembling and organizing information for future groups to take on. Thanks, Your grade is an A+. I think your video should be at the top of the home page. Pete Schwartz

A blog on BSFL DIY projects

Colin Borchardt, Brenna Eikenbary, Lara Haller, Kathryn Hoagland
Female Genital Mutilation Dec. 18. Very good. You did everything I asked you to do in November. Your grade is an “A”. Vagina Monologues Jin Ai Jones:
Joclynn Ransom:
Hailey Hokenson
Solar Electric Cooking, Beacon of Hope, Uganda Dec. 18. Thanks for the improvement Your grade is an “A”. Some of the ideas are a little incomplete. Your video ends with a picture of an ISEC while talking about water preheating? Additionally, the solar thermal heating is explained on a page that claims “ISEC Technology” Could you please make these references consistent? Chris Musasizi teaches at this school.
Carlos Hinojoza
Jack Crofton
Emily Sroczynski
Education in Kenya Dec. 18. At the bottom of the “education in Kenya” page, there is a statement saying “stats about education in Kenya” It doesn’t lead to any stats, and just makes a graphic move around. Can you fix this? I can’t read much detail on the Kenya map you provide. Could you make it higher resolution? Thanks for doing most of what I asked for in November. Your grade is an “A-“. Your website crucially needs one more page: “how you can help”. You can provide the go fund me link on this page. Do you have the link anywhere on your website so far? If not, please put it front and center.

GoFundMe page

Matt Nelson 

Gabriela Niggemann

Solar Electric Cooking, Aid Africa, UgandaWe’ve developed a solar cooking technology that also charges cell phones and lights. Aid Africa is a collaborating nonprofit near Gulu, Uganda.

Fall 2017 Project, See first three projects in Spring 2018 Appropriate TechnologySCI

Rwanda with Journeyman InternationalIn the Sunzu Village, Rwanda, Journeyman International has taken on several projects: built a libraryWater Disinfectant, and Composting Waste at Sunzu LibraryDaniel Wiens ( Carly Althoff (,

Open Defecation
WebsiteVideoSanitation is a very important part of development. Please see the TED talk from SOIL Pete has 10 years’ experience with a bucket toilet. See Design and build project from Spring 2017.NPR Article on OD

Electricity in San PabloSan Pablo is the name of many towns in Guatemala. However, this one in particular us close to 10,000 feet in elevation in the far north, near the Mexican boarder. I had a program there for two years called Guateca. The village of about 1000 people would like to generate their own electricity. They have had their wires cut from the main grid because of conflict with the electricity provider and are exploring abundant microhydro power combined with solar.

CrossCultural Curriculum

CCC Website

We are building a shared curriculum between Malawi and City Cottage in the USA. The curriculum should include all the pertinent contemporary topics including climate change, resource depletion, pollution, human rights, and globalization. There are considerable challenges including cultural and political taboos. You can begin organizing this curriculum. How to you navigate the cultural challenges with controversial topics in the classroom? How do you discuss women’s rights with students in a culture that has different view of womens rights?Charlie Appel ( ), Daniel Wiens

Water for the Navajo Nation; 80,000+ Navajo Tribal members living on the Navajo reservation are without clean, running water, and are living on less than 10 gallons of water per day. The non-profit DIGDEEP works to support the Navajo nation. From last year:
Pumping Water With DigDeep, Kickstarter Video ; From 392 Spring 2017, the design and build project.