Wk3: The Maya Culture, Due Oct. 6 in class: Oct. 8
Sons of the Shaking Earth, The People of Mexico and Guatemala-their Land, [[#|History]] and Culture Eric Wolf
The Maya Michael D. Coe
Popol Vuh, the Book of the Ancient Maya Delia Goetz and Sylvanus Griswold Morley Sonia Lopez Popol Vuh.docx
Amaranth, modern Prospects for an ancient Crop Board on Science and Technology, International Development Office, International Affairs Rose Petros Amaranth 101
Maya Folk Tales, Folklore from Lake Atitlan James D. Sexton Kylie Garcia Mayan Folktales
The lost civilization, the Story of the Classic Maya T. Patrick Culbert Jake Sikkema The Lost Civilization: The Story of the Classic Maya
Maya de [[#|Guatemala]] Carmen Petersen
The Two Crosses of Todos Santos Maud Oakes
Wk3: Collapse of Society, Due Oct. 11, in class: Oct.13
Guns, Germs and Steel, the Fate of Human Societies Jared Diamond Brandon O’Rourke univ 391 book report guns germs and steel.docx
Collapse Jared Diamond*
Questioning Collapse: Human Resilience, Ecological Vulnerability, and the Aftermath of Empire Patricia A. McAnany
Why Nations Fail Daron Acemoglo and James Robinson Alexandra Ongman Why Nations Fail HNRS 391.docx
King Leopald’s Ghost Adam Hochschild
Yucatan, before and after the conquest Friar Diego de Landa Gina Furio Book Report – Yucatan (UNIV 391).docx
When Victims Become Killers Mahmood Mamdanis Sara Feldman hnrs book report.docx
Neocolonialism Due Oct 15, In Class: Oct. 13
Overthrown, America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq Stephen Kinzer
Guatemala, Unnatural Disaster Roger Plant
Bitter Fruit, the untold story of the American Coup in Guatemala Stephen Schlesinger; Stephen Kinzer Evan Quigley Bitter Fruit.docx
Guatemala in Rebellion, Unfinished [[#|History]] Edited by Jonathan L. Fried, Marvin E. Gettleman, Deborah T. Levenson and Nancy Peckenham
[[#|Dollars]] & Dictators, a Guide to Central America Dollars & Dictators, a Guide to Central America Difficult to find. You may borrow Pete’s copy
Wk5: The People’s Struggle, Due. Oct. 18, In class: Oct. 20
I, Rigoberta Menchu, an Indian Woman in Guatemala Rigoberta Menchu, edited by Elizabeth Burgos-Debray [[#|Class]] Reads Wikipedia: Rigoberta Menchu Jennifer Rodas
Refugees of a Hidden War, The Aftermath of Counterinsurgency in Guatemala Beatriz Manz Yenny Zaldivar Refugees_of_a_Hidden_War.pdf
Trade Unionist Against Terror, Guatemala City 1954-1985 Deborah Levenson-Estrada
Bridge of Courage Jennifer Harbury Class Reads wikipedia: Jennifer Harbury Sammy Ness Bridge_of_Courage.pdf
A Long Way Gone Ishmael Beah Kathryn Greenup a long way gone.pdf
The People and the Forest Due. Oct. 20, In class: Oct. 22
Blue Clay People William Powers Beatrice Lunday Blue Clay People.pdf
The World is as you Dream it, teachings from the Amazon and Andes John Perkins Kylie Zarmati dreams.docx
Whispering in the Giant’s Ear William Powers Megan van Hamersveld whispering in the giant’s ear.docx
Wk6: International Interventions (AID): Due Oct. 25, In class: Oct. 27
Dead Aid Dambisa Moyo Pete has copy Nasim Delavari Thoughts on Dead Aid.docx
How to Change the World, social [[#|entrepreneurs]] and the [[#|power]] of new ideas David Borenstein Jason Patterson how to change the world.docx
Delivering Development Edward R. Carr Gabriela Belen Gomez Delivering Development Edward R. Carr.docx
The End of Poverty, economic possibilities of our time Jeffrey D. Sachs Michael Pollack Sachs – The End Of Poverty.pdf
Haiti: The Aftershocks of History Laurent Dubois
Just Transitions Mark Swilling
Poor Economics Abhiji V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo Haley Costamagna
Rwanda, Inc Patricia Crisafulli Vanessa Lasseson Rwanda, Inc.docx
Development, Due Oct. 27, in class: Oct. 29
Development as Freedom Amartya Sen Carter Sandzimier Development As Freedom.pdf
Guatemalan National Human Development Report 2009 – 2010 (In Spanish) Class reads Human Development Report, 2010
Mastering the Machine Revisited: Poverty, Aid and Technology Ian Smilie Pete has copy John
Mastering the Machine Revisited
The No-Nonsense Guide to [[#|International Development]] Maggie Black Mitchell Moriarty No nonsense guide to development.docx
The Bottom Billion Paul Collier Paige Cross The Bottom Billion PDF.pdf
The White Man’s Burden William Easterly Lindsey Pedroncelli The White Man’s Burden
Confessions of an Economic Hitman Perkins Elena Teare_Confessions of an EMH.docx
Wk7: Working with People, Due Nov. 1, In class: Nov. 3
When the ground turns in its sleep Sylvia Sellers-Garcia* Mariah Woolard UNIV Book Project.docx
Three Cups of Tea Greg Mortenson Megan Thompson Three Cups of Tea.docx
Deer Hunting with Jesus Joe Beagant Gina giannosa Book Review UNIV 391.pdf
Mountains Beyond Mountains Tracey Kidder Pete has copy Polina Mandrusov Mountains Beyond Mountains summary.pdf
My Path Leads to Tibet Sabriye Tenberken Tiffany Rios My Path Leads to Tibet Summary.pdf
Three Cups of Deceit Jon Krakauer Brett Avedisian 3 cups.docx
Appropriate Technology Due Nov. 3, In class: Nov. 5
Appropriate Technology: Tools, Choices and Implications Barrett Hazeltine and Christopher Bull Justin Connolly Appropriate Technology.pdf
Small is Beautiful E.F. Schumacher Ande Fieber Small is Beautiful.pdf
Design like you Give a Damn, Architectural Responses to Humanitarian Crisis Cameron Sinclaire Megan Snyder Design Like You Give a Damn.pdf
Manos de Mujer, manual on Appropriate Technology for Community Development Luz Marina Delgado Hard to find
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind William Kamkwamba Julie Schneider The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.docx
Gaviotas Alan Weisman brooke kamler Gaviotas PDF
Stuffed and Starved Raj Patel Perri Berman Stuffed and Starved.docx
Wk8 Micro Lending and Business Solutions, Due Nov. 8, In class: Nov. 10
Out of Poverty, what works when traditional approaches fail Paul Polak Cara House Out of Poverty
Creating a World Without Poverty, social business and the future of capitalism Muhammad Yunus Gabriella Bragoli Creating a World Without Poverty.pdf
A Framework for Understanding Poverty Ruby Payne melissa schwartz
Banker to the Poor, Micro-lending and the battle against world poverty Muhammad Yunus Garret Powell Banker to the Poor.Powell.pdf
The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World Jacqueline Novogratz William Pedrotti The Blue Sweater .docx
More Than Good Intentions Dean Karlan Max Kirby More Than Good Intentions.pdf
Micro Lending and Business Solutions Due Nov. 10, In class: Nov. 12
The New Age of Innovation, driving cocreated value through global networks C.K. Prahalad; M.S. Krishnan Maggie Andrada The New age of innovation Final.docx
The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, eradicating poverty through profits C.K. Prahalad Kelsey Rustigian BOP.pdf
You can Hear Me Now Nicholas P. Sullivan Ryanne Born You Can Hear Me Now.pdf
Diffusion of Innovations Everett M. Rogers Pete has copy Nick Osterbur postponed until next week
Wk 9 Innovation of Things: Due Nov. 15, In class: Nov. 17
Nick is out of town last week So please find Diffusion of Innovations here Nick Osterbur Diffusion of Innovations – Nick Osterbur – Appropriate Tech.pdf
The design of Everyday Things Donald A. Norman Pete has copy Catlin Khamashta
Design for a living world Abbott Miller Katerina Flores design for a living world.pdf
Do Good Design: How designers can change the world David B. Berman Shelby Boyd Do Good Design
Cradle to Cradle, rethinking the way we make things William McDonough & Michael Braungart Camille Lo
The 10 Faces of Innovation Tom Kelley Cameron Rosetta Tom Kelley The Ten Faces of Innovation.docx
The Art of Innovation Tom Kelley Dina Saba The Art of Innovation Dina Saba
Where Good Ideas Come From Steven Johnson Jordan Goldie Where Good Ideas Come From Report.docx
Reinventing Ourselves Due Nov. 17, In class: Nov. 19
Imagine Jonah Lehr Pete has CD Tara Kaveh
Calvin Sandeen
Imagine by Jonah Lehrer 2
Convergence Thomas H. Colledge Download .pdf from web Aydee Melgar Convergence.docx
Thinking in Systems Donella H. Meadows Pete has copy Jack Bowen ThinkingInSystemsSummary.pdf
Cradle to Cradle Look up from Monday’s class, Camille Lo Cradle to Cradle report
Change by Design: How design thinking transform organizations and inspire innovation Tim Brown ERIC LY Tim Brown Change by Design.pdf
Design Activism: Beautiful strangeness for a sustainable world Alastair Faud-Luke Aaron Packard Aaron Packard Design Activism by Alastair Fuad-Luke
Creative Confidence Tom Kelley Nick Stockler creative confidence.pdf
The Other World: DUE when the reader finds it appropriate Weatherby, Arceneaux, Evans, Long, Reed, Novikova-Carter You can’t pick this text if you’ve had it for a class. Pete has copy