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Kumasi, Ghana
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Kumasi, Ghana has become the focus area of our research. This location was chosen as the transportation infrastructure of the area is well documented and researched and furthermore there is an existing effort to introduce bamboo bikes and the manufacturing of the them into Kumasi. This provides us with a wealth of information about the sustainability, feasibility, and practicality of locally produced bamboo bikes.

The case study of the combined efforts of the Bamboo Bike Project, Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment, and Millenium Cities Initiative has resulted in the following report that is very valuable in to our project: Vale Columbia Center/MCI Working Plans

BBL Test Run of Frames
BBL Test Run of Frames

Bamboo Bikes Limited(BBL) has began a trial run of bamboo bike production in Kumasi. The bicycles in the picture to the right are 4 of the bicycles produced at the factory in Kumasi. In addition to manufacturing bamboo bikes frames, BBL uses waste bamboo to create toothpicks which increase their sustainability and profitability.