Composting Waste Defecation Rwanda

Composting Waste Defecation

Sunzu Pacu Community Center, Rwanda

Welcome sing outside the Sunzu Pacu Community Center
Welcome sing outside the Sunzu Pacu Community Center

A birds' eye view of the Sunzu Pacu Community Center
A birds’ eye view of the Sunzu Pacu Community Center

Problem Statement:
The community of people at the Sunzu do not have access to sanitary waste management, which often leads to sickness

Our Mission:
To design a sustainable composting system for human waste at the Sunzu Pacu Community center. Our goal is to provide system that promotes sanitation and health, while simultaneously using waste as food for on site gardens.

Background on Sunzu Pacu Community Center:

  • Collaboration of…
    • Daniel, Journey man international (arch. designs)
    • Andrew Goodwin, AIA
    • Award winning design!
  • built on a terrace
  • designed to receive ample daylight and ventilation throughout the year.
  • building designed to give locals jobs
    • example: local techniques of masonry, concrete framed construction,
    • example: local hand crafted doors, windows, furniture ceilings, etc.
  • Focuses
    • empowerment of local village
    • clean energy
    • investment
    • innovation

Current Status of Sunzu Community Center

  • average of 25 readers per day

Composting Ideas:

Design Proposals:

Important Links:

Building Plan for the Sunzu Pacu Community Center

The safety of using human waste for gardening:
Our class website

Meet our Team:

Donald: A fourth year physics major passionate about road bicycling and excited to learn more about development.
Jenny: Another physics student who loves animals, enjoys anything outdoors, and is looking forward to research new development technologies.
Annalisa: A fourth year Communication Studies major who’s passion is international travel and learning new cultures. She is interested in learning how to provide sustainable technologies through empowerment of locals in developing nations.