Confined Agriculture

Project Proposal:
We want to explore alternative methods of water purification for small-scale agricultural systems, in conjunction with the aquaponics facility at SEF. Right now we are looking at implementing mycofiltration on water from the aquaponics pond, which entails using mycelium mushrooms as a membrane for filtering out microorganisms, pollutants, and silt. While currently being practiced to mitigate the impact of stormwater runoff, we would like to investigate additional uses for water of this standard of purification, such as bathing or other home use, as well as attempt to grow species of edible plants unsupported by aquaponics. If successful, when combined with aquaponics practices and the solar ice unit, this would create a tiered system for small-scale agricultural and home water use.

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1) Fungi to Clean Stormwater?

2) Removal of Escherichia coli from synthetic stormwater using mycofiltration

3) Hoff, A., Paddling, A., Gudmundson, D., Ruiz, E., Johnson, J., & Suplick, S. (2014). Impact of Mycofiltration on Urban Stormwater Treatment Through Rain Gardens. Student research project.

Group Members:
Elizabeth Russell

Elise Barsch