Design – W2014

UNIV 392 Winter 2014: Appropriate Technology for the World’s People, Design

Please see the links below to the different projects this year

Group Title
link to webpage
Description of the topic that will be updated as we learn more Helpful Links,References Names of students group
optional Email Addresses
Solar Concentrators in the Earth W2014 Using Earth and natural materials to make a concentrating mirror. Guateca 2012 Cob Concentrator
CP Solar Concentrator
Facebook CP Solar Concentrator
Winter 2012 Stoves of Cob
Guateca 2012 Cob Stove
Johanna Eklund ( Curtis Li (
John Sekerak
Mike Kim
Solar Concentrator Layups Using Latex and Cement to make a resilient reflecting dish. Latex Cement Canvas Roof David Larsen
Nina Vukicevic (
Austin Bertucci (
Briquette Brigade 2014 Compressing natural waste material into a brick that could be used for fires or building Oryzatech Stak Blocks Will Michul
Jaclyn Van Natta
Jake Wagner
Kelly Young
Rocket Stove Group Improving the existing technology of rocket stoves to better fit a range of different areas and cultures. Our Group Website

Seeds of Hope Website

Tony Webster
Lena Andersson,
Alex Horton,
Amanda McCaulley,
Rachel Pittman
Cocoa/Oil Press A jack powered press that will turn cocoa liquor into cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Example Press

Project Hope and Fairness

Example Press Process

Cote d’Ivoire Gapminder

Garrett Morris (

Chris Watanabe

Adam Yee

Memphis Wong

Living Walls Growing vegetables on the exterior walls of urban dwellings Z Living Systems

Kenyan women grow fresh produce in “vertical farms”

Open source Wiki on bag gardens

Design inspiration

Nathan Goei
Noe Klein
Jesse Gibson
Rachel Bourland
John Franzino