Design Winter 2015

UNIV 392 Winter 2015: Appropriate Technology for the World’s People, Design
Pete Schwartz, Cal Poly Physics:, Pete’s Webpage: Office hours: M(10:10), T(2:10), W(1:10), Th(10:10), F(11:10)
Steph Fellows, Project Director, Journeyman International:

Please see the course timeline presently being built. All course expectations can be found on the syllabus. See the quarters Quiz Questions

Please see the links below to the possible projects. During your projects, you will develop a new webpage and move the information to this new page. For more information, please see some of the links below and read over the projects from last year’s class: Design 2014, the theoretical class from last fall, Development, Fall 2014, and from earlier years on the Appropriate Technology Website. You are welcome to build off old projects, and to start new projects yourself.

Don’t Throw Anything Away! and long your week long saga on our Self Intervention Webpage

Link to webpage Description of the topic Student Email
Solar Concentrators Using Earth and natural materials to make a concentrating mirror. Rafael Salinas
Yakov Suvorov (!!!)
Sid Prabhu
Natural Building Compressing natural waste material into a brick that could be used for building. Alejandro Lopez
Michael Pollack
Colton Baker
Jared Desbrow
Mayra Concepcion
Jonathan Allen
Pacific Island Digital Library Prof. Laura Hosman ( is working on developing a Solar Powered Digital Library All-in-One kit that will be distributed to 50 primary schools across the Pacific Islands in the coming year. The goal is to help improve the quality of education, access to information, and Internet-readiness-skills in these rural, remote schools. She needs your help with realizing this project, and more specifically, with developing the prototype of the all-in-one kit.
After becoming familiar with the project, this student team will:

  • Engineer the prototype to meet the project needs
  • Design the prototype (make it look good!)
  • Construct/build the prototype

This project will build upon the efforts of the UNIV 391 team’s work in the previous quarter (Fall 2014).

Yenny Zaldivar
Anoop Thakore
Naina Viswanath
Patrick Robertson
Birth Control See Malawi family planning from Fall 2014. Could we design a simple, inexpensive IUD? Are there other birth control technologies that might be better to work toward? Summer Schlageter
Kate Brewer
Yoko Matsuda
Christian Renfro
Emma Sandquist
Composting Toilet Want to build a composting toilet for the Student Experimental farm? We need a good design and some implementation. See “sanitation” from Fall 2014 Aydee Melgar
Chad Morabito
Joel Cortes

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