Design Winter 2016

UNIV-392/492, PSC-392, HNRS-392: Winter 2016: Appropriate Technology for the World’s People, Design
Building 10-231
Pete Schwartz, Cal Poly Physics:, Pete’s Webpage:
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Please see the tentative course timeline presently being built. All course expectations can be found on the syllabus.

Please see the links below to the possible projects. During your projects, you will develop a new webpage and move the information to this new page. For more information, please see some of the links below and read over the projects from last year’s class: Design 2015, the development theory class from last fall, and from earlier years on the Appropriate Technology Website. You are welcome to build off old projects, and to start new projects yourself. However, I make suggestions below for projects I personally emphasize and support.

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Link to webpage Description of the topic Comments… what do you have to say? Add links, etc. Student Email
Water Filter Design, Winter 2016 We are interested in designing biosand filters – both small (personal use) and large (village / small community). We plan to design and build filters based on the research conducted by last quarters class on Water for Cambodia and our own research. The goal is to create a low cost design that allows many (if not all) materials to be sourced locally. Jordan Baxter

Julia Isabella Cannata

Cody Mindling

PVE Solar Cooking Build a cooking technology at the Student Experimental Farm that uses PV panels and insulation. See the two PVE cooking groups at Fall 2015
Winter 2016
Duncan Mitchell

Madison Fleming

Carter Price

Mia Sheperd

Courtney Wedel

Solar Cooker We have a polar axis tracking mirror that might be used to make a concentrated solar cooker. Read our paper Gabriele Pregadio

Kathleen Sones

Neel Kogali

Jose Samperio

Grassroots Biochar Production Design and build a biochar production facility at the Student Experimental Farm for novel and experimental farm purposes. A partial continuation of the Biochar project from Fall 2015 Cameron Montalvo

Gabriela Belen Gomez

Tyler Varian-Gonzalez

Dominic Chequer

Michael Twardochleb

Solar Powered Garden Build a solar powered irrigation system at some location in SLO. Options include the aquaponics facility at the Student Experimental Farm. See the Solar Garden group at Fall 2015 Michael Zamora

Kat Tran

Jolie Leung

Brian Alvarez

Insulating Cooking Skirt Create an insulating pot skirt that can be used to improve efficiency and reduce emissions of wood burning stoves. Kylie Everitt

April Villarreal

Zack Farrell

Marcus Alman

Rice Hull Pulverizer and Insulating Brick Making Create a new form of insulating bricks using rice hulls for Aid Africa to use in their cook stoves. Ryan Hodgens

Scout Vernon

Beth Hotchkiss

Daly Sombat

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