Development – Fall 2014

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The Final Potluck/Presentations was super fun. The food was really great, and I (Pete) found the presentations passionate and illuminating.
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The Composting Toilet Group brought brownies, and the Breastfeeding group made cupcakes and lead a sing along!

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Pete’s Communication to the Class: Final Reflections, Week 5 reflection, After Third Day, After the Second Day, After first day
Initial detailed project descriptions

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Description of the topic Helpful Links, References Names, Emails of students
Swimming Lessons
Kick-Starter (Swimming)
Swimming Lessons Need for Education
Polina Mandrusov
Jordan Goldie
Brett Avedisian
Cameron Rosetta
Ryanne Born
Solar Concentrators
Kick-Starter – Solar Concentrators
Solar [[#|Concentrators]] for cooking Solar Cookers International
We DO cook with Solar
Pat McArdle SCI journalist
Justin Connolly
Catlin Khamashta
William Pedrotti
John Sekerak
garret powell
Kickstarter Video
Sanitation in India, Bangladesh Nepal,
composting in schools
[[#|Contact]] Scott Loosley for CP code
Santa Margarita Lake field trip
SOIL in Haiti
WB Poverty Document
Defecation Rape Murder
Pete’s House
NPR article: floating latrines
Aydee Melgar

Camille Lo
Sammy Ness
Aaron Packard

Menstruation Kits
KickStarter Menstruation Huts
Menstruation in Tibet Local News Explains the Issue
TIME Article
Sonia Lopez
Tiffany Rios
Julie Schneider
Coffee in Haiti
Kickstarter coffee video
Coffee in Haiti Organization
SOIL in Haiti
Solar Drying in Rwanda
Eric Ly
Maggie Andrada
Kelsey Rustigian
Evan Quigley
Natural Building Materials

Kick-Starter Video

Natural Building – legal, societyHempcrete and natural [[#|building materials]]
Plastic Bricks
Straw Bale in Pakistan
need links to SLRO, and SEF,
Quail Springs, ask Pete
Fungus Bricks
HempCrete Video
Plastic Bricks
Professor Eltahry Elghandour: eelghand@calpoly.eduArlin
Mark Phillips
Megan Snyder
Shelby Boyd
Alexandra Ongman
Nicholas Stockler
Nicholas Osterbur
Aid Model in Haiti

Poly Lenders Kick Starter

New Aid Model Haiti Communitere
Haiti New Aid Model Website
Mike pollack
Gabriella Bragoli
Elena Teare
Calvin Sandeen
Jason Patterson
Disabilities in Developing Countries

Kickstarter Video

Disabilities; awareness, empowerment Braille W/O Borders
15 Country Study
blindness ppt. presentation
Brooke Kamler
Meghan Thompson
Nasim Delavari

Kickstarter Video

Famine South Sudan
Jack Bowen
Rose Petros
Mariah Woolard (
Gabriela Belen Gomez
Enhancing Communication in the Pacific Islands

Kick Starter Video

Building connection from Cal Poly to the Pacific Islands Overcrowding in Somalia
Perfect Camp
Brandon O’Rourke
Jennifer Zaldivar
Carter Sandzimier
Peru Stove Project

Kickstarter Video— please select autoplay 10 seconds in the bottom right corner of the window

Stoves in Peru Jake Sikkema
Mitchell Moriarty
Katerina Flores
Max Kirby
Infant and Toddler Malnutrition/Team B.O.O.B.I.E.

Kickstarter Video

Maternal Care
Google “material care in developing countries”
Maama Kits Kylie Garcia
Beatrice Lunday
Cara House
Family Planning in Malawi
Kick Starter Limba
Family Planning In Africa Sara Feldman
Paige Cross
Kathryn Greenup
Deforestation in Haiti

Kickstarter Video

Deforestation Eden Project
Gina Furio
Vanessa Lasseson
Collaborative Education Model

(Kickstarter Video)

Collaborative Education Development Model Guateca 2014 Video
Tara Kaveh
Dina Saba
Gina Giannosa
Chocolate In Africa
Kickstarter Video
Chocolate in Africa
Mama Ganache
Mama Ganache Blog
Winter 2014 Cocoa Press
Professor Tom Neuhaus
Perri Berman
Earvin Ramos
Lindsey Pedroncelli
Aquaponics in Tanzania
Megan van Hamersveld
Kylie Zarmati
Ande Fieber