Development, Fall 2015

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Initial detailed project descriptions

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Description of the topic Helpful Links, References Names, Emails of students
Cooking with PV in Ghana

Kickstarter Video

PVE Cooking: disseminating in a community in Ghana
PVE Cooking Provisional Patent
Edward Charles
Frankie Lara
Loren Dean
Sara Nygaard
Cooking with PV in Rwanda

Kickstarter Video

PVE Cooking: disseminating in a community in Rwanda
PVE Cooking Provisional Patent
Mitsuyoshi Smyth
Ryan Hodgens
Beth Hotchkiss
Tom Smylie
Solar PoweredCommunityGarden in Ghana

Kickstarter video

Can Solar Energy be used to pump water? Kat Tran
Brentyn Carder
Madison Fleming
David Guerrero
Jolie Leung
Entrepreneurial/Design collaboration Burro and Ashesi University

Kickstarter Video

Partnering with a major company (Burro) and an established university.
Christopher Taylor
Antonio Rodriguez
Tom Nork

Kickstarter is on webpage

Sanitation in India, Bangladesh Nepal,
composting in schools
Contact Scott Loosley for CP code
Santa Margarita Lake field trip?
TED Talk SOIL in Haiti
SOIL in Haiti
WB Poverty Document
Defecation Rape Murder
Pete’s House
NPR article: floating latrines
Jennifer Bilek
Albert Vo
Elliott Salazar
Cody Lathouwers
Coffee in Haiti


Improve and sustain the coffee industry in Haiti. Organization
SOIL in Haiti
Solar Drying in Rwanda
Matt Lalanne
Sam Stearns
Garrett Goff
Quinn Hildebrand
Elisha Pollock
Maternal Care/ Healthy Babies

Kickstarter Video

Goal to decease infant mortality and brirth defects through education and prenatal care for current and future mothers. Mary Dundon
Kate Belotti
Neelima Mandava
Curtis Li
Vanessa Carranza
Biochar Kilns for Grassroot Development

Kickstarter Video

Deforestation Eden Project
Teo Humkey
Seth Neumann
Cameron Montalvo
Haley Schlageter
Safe Drinking Water

Kickstarter Video

We strive to bring clean and safe drinking water to communities in Cambodia that are in need.
Tonlé Sap is a boating community that we are looking to collaborate with to develop a bio-sand filter that is light enough to
be upheld in a floating house

Caleb Ostgaard is available through email,
Taylor Johnson is available to meet in person.

Caleb Ostgaard

The Lake Clinic

Water for Cambodia

Taylor Johnson
Caleb Ostgaard
Blake Motal
Sarah Rayburn
Violet Tylock
Improving Waste Management

Kickstarter Video

Improving the way communities within the United States handles trash. Taylor Hoover
Kelsey Haberly
Amber Clark
Ted Swartzbaugh
Nicole Petersen
Molten Salt Thermal Storage Testing molten salt for use as a phase change material for solar concentrators John Sekerak

Notes on Class Improvement