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Class feedback from Week 3; Here are my evaluations from your talks and presentations in week 8.

If you think your project is something you’ll pursue over the coming year, consider applying for up to $25,000 from VentureWell

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CrossCultural Curriculum

CCC Website

We are building a shared curriculum between Malawi and City Cottage in the USA. The curriculum should include all the pertinent contemporary topics including climate change, resource depletion, pollution, human rights, and globalization. There are considerable challenges including cultural and political taboos. You can begin organizing this curriculum. How to you navigate the cultural challenges with controversial topics in the classroom? How do you discuss women’s rights with students in a culture that has different view of womens rights? Charlie Appel ( ), Daniel Wiens
Good start.
Julia Nurse
Will Olson
Shannon Nelson
Ben Elisarraraz
Water Disinfectant In the Sunzu Village, Rwanda, we have built a library. We are also preparing to building a community center and several other projects. We will have adequate rainwater catchment for all the water needs. However, rainwater can become contaminated after it is stored, so we need a means to make it drinkable, “potable”. KICKSTARTER from Fall 2017. Daniel Wiens ( Carly Althoff (, Mia Sheperd ( Gabriel Seelig
Catie Michel
Saul Flores
Cooking with Solar Electricity

Updated Website

Pete’s ongoing research with partners in Uganda. Additionally, there’s the opportunity to partner with solar cooking companies by putting electric heaters in their Hay Baskets. From last year:
Webpage, Kickstarter ; From Spring 2017 “design and build” 392, also see these two projects: Large cookers for school, and Magic Basket Cooker, Temperature Sensors
Solar Cooking Research


Joanne Phung
Connor Church
Sam Korff
Jamie Chafe
Marshall Brusca
Aquaponics Aquaponics ?could be? an energy and water efficient agricultural practice that uses a system of water tanks filled with fish to grow plants for food. We’re researching foreign and domestic applications for an aquaponics facility, particularly as horticulture therapy at a prison. From last year’s class:
PolyPonics FB Page


Kayla Young
Avalon Johnson
Brendan Waltman
Andrew Suarez
Homeless Development Site


We are working to help create sustainable employment opportunities to better the lives of the homeless community. You might look at the work from last year’s class. Jill Bolster-White
I can’t access your webpage. You have to make the webpage public. One shouldn’t need a membership to read the webpage.
Saba Belay Kassa
Troy Daum
Judy Kong
McKayla Beavers
Peter Nguyen
Open Defecation


Sanitation is a very important part of development. Please see the TED talk from SOIL Pete has 10 years’ experience with a bucket toilet. See Design and build project from Spring 2017. NPR Article on OD
Good start. Please put your short bios at the end or spin off a dedicated website for it.
Riley Haas
Postpartum Hemorrhage Prevention



Please see the website from Spring 2017 design and build 392 class. Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is excessive bleeding in a mother after childbirth. PPH is the leading cause of perinatal maternal death around the world. We we will be working with InPress Technologies in developing an extremely affordable device to be used in 3rd world countries. Additionally, Amy has added: “try to make a handheld pump or create a cheap/reliable sterilization method for medical devices such as a Blake drain” Contact Amy
or Marshall
Savannah Hobbs:
Megan Wenzel
McKayla Beavers
Conner Marden
Solar Suit Case
Link to site
We Share Solar provides the Solar Suitcase to rural communities lacking electricity. Their dissemination model also incorporates universities and high schools / middle schools in the USA; thereby providing a powerful motivation to learn about technology and challenges faced by humanity globally. More Maddie Kerwin (Cal Poly)
Jason Diodati (Templeton HS)
LInk to project website: We Share Solar
Jeremiah Schoenfeldt:
Olivia Woods:
Johanna Fleischman
Composting Waste at Sunzu Library Develop a composting system for waste defecation at the Sunzu, Rwanda Library. Our class final presentation

Our Kickstarter video

Carly Althoff (,

Good start. How about a picture of you guys at the end?

Annalisa Balestreri
Donald Hersam
Jenny Smit
Put on Hold
Water for the Navajo Nation 80,000+ Navajo Tribal members living on the Navajo reservation are without clean, running water, and are living on less than 10 gallons of water per day. The non-profit DIGDEEP works to support the Navajo nation. From last year:
Pumping Water With DigDeep, Kickstarter Video ; From 392 Spring 2017, the design and build project.
DigDeep Proposal
Project Description
Last year’s solar garden
Drip Irrigation with Burro Develop an affordable micro-scale gravity fed irrigation system that could be sold through Burro ( to farmers in Ghana? Last year’s webpage:Drip Irrigation with Burro Catie
Solar Ice Pete and Nate’s ongoing research. We’re designing a freezer facility that will use solar power to produce ice. From last year:
Solar Ice, Video
SDD for refrigeration in Tanzania (Unicef, WHO)
Food Preservation Last Spring in a design and build, 392 project, we began developing a desiccant to keep food dry.
Indigenous US Americans We don’t have to go to beyond the boarders of the USA to find a foreign country and underserved communities. One example is below with the Navajo Nation. However, they are not interested in supporting a project this quarter, so you may consider finding another community within our national boarders to learn about and work with.
Insects for food and feed Insects such as Black Soldier Fly Larvae and meal works may be a sustainable form of protein-rich feed for fish and chicken. Can we feed them with organic waste and food scrap? Can we eat them ourselves? This project from spring 2017, has a little bit to do with this topic. Bugs taste good? A blog on BSFL DIY projects

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