Guateca is a two month field school in San Pablo, Tacana, Guatemala (June 20 – September 1st) co-created by Cal Poly and San Pablo students. This three course program (PSc 320, LAES 471, MLL 270/470) studies energy, society and the environment through the creation of sustainable technologies and enterprises, and the Spanish language. Students will organize into groups to develop appropriate technologies that will benefit the city and ideally create business opportunities for the community. Current projects include: Nutrition, Alternate Energy, Organic Agriculture, Housing, Sanitation, Education, Solar Water Heating, Packaging, and Cooking. Please feel free to browse our site to find out more information about Guateca and the projects.

Our most recent news is that we started taking applications from Cal Poly and other university students for our summer program! We are accepting applicants from all majors in order to provide different types of expertise. Due to the cost of the program (estimated $5,000 per person), Cal Poly students are looking for grants, scholarships, or donations (for financial support)to defray trip costs.

In addition to support for students in need we are also looking for funding for the school itself. Some of the things that need a little finding are some basic renovations to the school, tools for the projects, and all of the materials that are required to start up the developing appropriate technologies. Donations are greatly appreciated to make this program successful.

We are grateful for any donations, needed to sustain our projects. Please send a tax deductible check to:money-in-piggy-bank.jpg
Cal Poly Foundation
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