Electrical Priority Switchboard

This project focuses on implementation of solar panels to DC loads directly in “smart” DC homes. Simple “Moore’s Law” extrapolation of the well-established price decrease of both photovoltaic (PV) panels and integrated circuits will render these technologies essentially free. PV panels already only amount to a small portion of the cost related to PV deployment. How will free solar electricity and processors affect the way we use energy? We anticipate emergence of off grid direct DC power use, especially in but not limited to where there is no reliable grid electricity. Additionally, energy production, distribution, and use will become more diversified with hybrid grid/off-grid electricity systems that make use of solar electricity when the sun shines. We are developing the related hardware, patent pending. In our quest to explore how free PV will change our lives, we are deploying solar panels donated to Cal Poly from SunPower in collaboration with A. M. Sun Solar .