Experimental Project

Concept for Experimental Project
Our experimental project was intended to test the efficiency of an extra insulated freezer. To test this, a commercial freezer had its system (coils, refrigerant, compressor) replaced in a wooden box, upon which further cheaper but effective insulation was added. Not only were we able to see the temperature drop to as low as -40 degrees Celsius while power was supplied, but we also managed to have the system maintain around -30 degrees Celsius throughout the day without power. This project holds a lot of potential to develop more energy-efficient freezers and to utilize heat dissipating coils to warm water heaters (reducing the power needed to heat water). Below are some pictures of the final stages of the project.

Hot refrigerant runs through the coils following the compressor. Having these coils on the outside allow heat to be used in other mechanisms such as water heaters, rather than have heat dissipate through the back of the freezer.

The painted experimental freezer in its final stage.
Wilson shows off the insulation inside the experimental freezer. As can be seen, the freezer consists of recyclable material and the lid provides 6 inches of insulation from the top. Because cold air tends to stay low, whatever cold air is inside the freezer mostly remains on the bottom. This works in our favor as it helps our system remain cool.