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Group Members

  • Aaron Thielk: Fourth year Aerospace Engineering major. Enjoys trail running, mountain biking, ice cream, sailing, and lots other stuff
  • Sam Meijer: Fourth year physics major. I enjoy long walks on the beach and sleepless nights doing quantum mechanics.
  • Cami Simpson: Fifth year General Engineering major, Sustainable Environments minor. I like playing soccer, going on hikes, and snowboarding.
  • Nate Rodriguez: Fifth year Kinesiology Major. I am passionate about music, audio engineering and soccer.
  • Connor Fourt: Fourth year Biochemistry major. I try to enjoy most things. Currently, Biochemistry and bamboo bikes seem to be high on the list.
  • Derek Fong: Third year art & design major with a concentration in photography. I take photos for campus dining, the bookstore, and ASI.
  • Tara Morency: Fourth year art & design major, Industrial Technology minor. I enjoy being outdoors, trying new foods, and making art…
  • Michelle Tellier: Fifth year Biochemistry major, Studio Art minor. I enjoy making art, trail running, and biking.
  • Ethan Lockwood: Third year Liberal Arts and Engineering major studying appropriate technological. I am passionate about trail running, building friendships, learning about and engaging in the world, and traveling the planet.