Group Fire Report


2010 Winter Research Trip Report

We are organized into groups based on needs / special projects.

The problem we encountered in our group is the respiratory damage caused by smoke from stoves that most residents currently use. Through discussion with our colleagues and interviews with families of SP we were able to identify challenges and obstacles to be overcome.

Goals and challenges

Identify the needs of families in San Pablo in the kitchen area.

Improving the quality of life for families of St. Paul through technical processes in economics and time.

Solve global warming taking advantage of appropriate technology without harming nature beginning from the kitchens of families in San Pablo.

Achieve 100% satisfaction in the development of quality of life in the kitchens of families in San Pablo.

Knowing the main foods consumed by families of SP and preparing them.

Make friends and strengthen our society for the future

Appreciate and understand other cultures.

Provide a healthy and efficient cooking process to the families of San Pablo

Achievements and successes

Idenficar the way of life of families in San Pablo.

Identify weaknesses and strengths of families in the kitchens of SP

Determine the cause and effect, of today’s kitchens in families in the community.

Attention and communication with families.

Acceptance of the kitchen in the total group of selected families.

It was determined through interviews the main needs of families in the kitchen area.

So, our challenge is to think of a stove that will be cheaper, reduce smoke, but still potentially provide refreshing warmth and comfortable social environment.

Lessons learned

Not all families have basic services in the kitchen (wash dishes, hot water, modern stove safely, ect.)

There is a need and desire to improve the conditions of your kitchen.

70% of the families visited have not cemented floor, and want to meet that need.

According to the survey and observation showed that 50% of the kitchens are not plaster on the walls, allowing the insects nest in the walls.

Total households visited need training to learn the main foods and preparing them with the community’s natural resources while keeping your kitchen organized.

Freely communicate with families in a friendly atmosphere.

Gain the trust of the families to us.

Important questions to answer

People need to know the conditions of acquisition and use of solar devices.

Are you aware about the harm smoking causes to your health?

Would you like to deploy devices that use solar energy?

People need to know the conditions of acquisition and use of solar devices.

Next Steps (action items).

Structure a plan of action for possible solutions to the problems encountered.
Create a prototype of the project to be held
Establish the plan’s objectives
Create a schedule of activities
Assign responsibility for the activities.
Find help with subject matter experts.
Conducting studies, technical and financial will incur the project.
Physical structure of the product to be developed.
System Test
Training families about the importance and project management.
Transition of the new system

Leaders of the group:

San Pablo students
Leticia Ortiz
José Velásquez

Cal Poly students

Tim Hider
Max Bigras