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Meet the Team

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Left to right: Marshall Misty, Blake Hester, Malkam Goldstein, and Ben Trinh

Blake Hester Agricultural Business bhester@calpoly.edu
Malkam Goldstein Aerospace Engineering mhgoldst@calpoly.edu
Marshall Mistry Environmental Earth Science mnmistry@calpoly.edu
Ben Trinh Environmental Earth Science bjtrinh@calpoly.edu

Postpartum Hemorrhage Device

What is Postpartum Hemorrhage?
Many women face post pregnancy complications that can place their life and ultimately the child’s life at risk. One of the most common complications is postpartum hemorrhaging in which the new mother loses large volumes of blood. Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is excessive bleeding in a mother after childbirth. PPH is the leading cause of perinatal maternal death around the world—it is estimated that one woman dies from PPH every four minutes. Clinically, 80% of the instances of PPH are caused by the failure of the uterus to contract after childbirth. This condition, known as uterine atony, leaves the blood vessels fully dilated and brings about unobstructed bleeding.

Our device would be aimed at all countries including the United States, but will be focused in large population countries such as India.

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– please state what are the y and x axes, and also include some other countries like Bangladesh (your target community) and USA maybe for reference… or China if these numbers exist. Please tell more about Bangladesh if it is your target country. I think I have come up with a good way to get the pressure constant. Talk to me when you get a chance.
The graph above shows the number of maternal deaths in India as compared to other countries.

InPress Technologies
We had the fortunate opportunity to work on this device with the company InPress Technologies. They are a company with the sole goal of creating a device to stop postpartum hemorrhaging quickly and effectively. They started their company back at Cal Poly and have since then were the recipients of the Lefteroff Innovator Award, which directly funds promising companies on pre-screened medical ideas.
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Role with InPress Technologies
We would be aiding in creating a new biomedical device is aimed to stop the blood loss by contracting the uterus with a low pressure zone. The low pressure zone can be obtained with a hand pump which is simple and low cost which makes it a potential solution in both developed and under-developed nations.
– Please say a little about the technology… an imagine? A graphic? A description? then what you’re doing.

Biomedical devices are held to high standards and regulated by national agencies. For US implementation, the device will be subject to all the requirements established by the FDA.

Material Constraints
– non-reactive materials
– non-allergenic materials
– neutral PH level materials
– non-corrosive materials

Design Constraints and Objectives
– re-usable
– minimal parts
– minimal cost
– minimal nooks and crannies
– able to be sterilized
– soft or rounded features

– I assume for all below you will update it with your new work. You may want to export it to another page with the work you did on the pump.
Design Blueprint
Using a 3D Printer, we plan to print out the device using the layout above at an extremely affordable price (about $1).

PPH Device


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PPH Device Testing Results:
The PPH device shown above was subject to tests with the 50mL syringe to see how the reed valves behaved during the push and pull phases of the syringe. The initial print failed to sustain a low pressure zone during the draw of the syringe. RTV Blue and Thick Superglue for plastics were used to provide the air tight seal at the joins, but the tolerances of the 3D printer were not at a high enough precision to eliminate gaps.

Because you recently changed your project, you should add some demographic information about the target community… Talk with Amy and pick one. Please briefly explain the PPH device with a live link to their website. Explain what role you will provide. I would also set up another website called “past work on pumping water” and export all your past work off this page. It’s great to work with your group’s enthusiasm. I’m glad you’re working with Amy.

Where’s the direct link to Amy’s company?

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You guys are doing a great job innovating a solution. Please also put more work into this webpage. More information about Bangladesh, about the technology and your role. And your recent innovations.