International General Education


Who are we!
Sahil Oberoi,
Sandy Shane
Olivia Caesar
Joey Pasche
Lezah Winick

Why we chose education

47 countries have more than 10% of children out-of-school.

In 2010, 90.7% of primary age students worldwide were enrolled in school. The rate has improved since 2000 (84.5%), but little progress has been made since 2008.

60.7 million primary school age children were out of school (OOS) in 2010. Over half of the world’s out of school children live in SSA and over 1/5 live in South Asia.

Low income does not necessarily indicate lower primary enrolment rates: Countries with the lowest gross national income (GNI) per capita (<$500) have ANERs ranging from 35% (Eritrea) to 97.5% (Malawi).

We are interested in researching and expanding on the program of One Heart Source which is a non-profit organization that strives to build environments within marginalized populations that promote a comprehensive approach to eliminating the gap between those who have access to bettering their lives and those who do not. They focus on the educational aspect on communities while continuing to support and enrich the culture of the area they are helping.

We also want to add cultural immersion aspect through the program to teach the volunteers about the culture they are helping in. We will use local resources and people prior to the addition into the school to see what is needed.

We will break down the subjects into educational goals.