Lab 5



Ethan was able to construct two additional support arms to make a total of six vertical bamboo parts for the bike stand (far left and right sides of the stand).

Displaying IMG_3995.jpg
Displaying IMG_3995.jpg



We tested the fit of our stand with the bike. We noticed the bike did not sit evenly on both sides of our structure. Thus, we used a hand file to make semicircles in on both sides of the vertical arms structure to enable a better fit with the bike.

Displaying IMG_4002.jpg
Displaying IMG_4002.jpg

To ensure evenness, we used a level to help us file evenly.

Displaying IMG_4870.jpg
Displaying IMG_4870.jpg

We decided to add an addition to the structure we refer to as bamboo “cups”. Our reason for these cups were to fit with the chain stay in a snug way because the intersection of bamboo were uneven. We drilled holes in the cups to thread it to the structure. We hoped the cups would even out the pressure of the bike on our intersection point of the vertical bamboo parts. All of us agreed that the cups would be a barrier to breaking the whole structure; the logic was the cups would be easy to replace than the whole structure.
By the end of class, our stand held up a person biking. The water pump group was even able to pump water while our bamboo stand held them up! Below is a photo and a link to the video showing this lab’s success!

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 1.18.21 PM.png

(either should work)