Meet the Students F2011

The students:

Rory Landon Aronson

I am a fourth year mechanical engineering student at Cal Poly. I participated in Guateca Summer School 2011 and built a stove powered water heater for my project. Guateca opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of looking at technology, people, the environment, and so much more. I was inspired to continue my education of appropriate technologies and so I enrolled in this class and plan on taking the second appropriate technologies course in the winter as well. My project this fall is Agricultural Efficiency.

Lindsay MacLeod


I’m a third year Broadcast Journalism major with a minor in Law and Society. I’ve always loved environmental science, and I really want to become a reporter who helps spread the word about how to be green! I’m part of a group that is working with Working Villages in the Congo, helping them to build more environmentally friendly homes.

Victoria Lyons

I am a third year Animal Science major, and I am waiting on my admissions decisions for veterinary school! I have always been fascinated my animals and the relationships that they have with people, whether that puts them in the role of a best friend or tonight’s dinner. My project is focusing on preventing the transmission of zoonotic diseases, or those that can be passed from animal to human. Reducing the prevalence of these diseases has many benefits for both people and their animals.

Jack Barker

I am a fourth year Biological Science major. I transferred from Allan Hancock College to Cal Poly in 2010 and I am planning on attending pharmacy school in 2013. This is my first venture into the world of appropriate technologies as well as a course with such free formatting. My project deals with improving the ventilation of indoor stoves in poor South American countries (specifically Paraguay). Reducing the toxins inhaled should reduce pulmonary diseases, improving the quality of life for those affected. It has been an interesting experience so far and I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

Kyle Sato

I am graduating this December with a degree in Forestry and Natural Resources and a minor in GIS. I am interested in many different aspects about the environment. My life goal is to educate the youth about what they can do to help preserve the natural resources around them. This is my first appropriate technologies course, but I am look forward to it.

Analia Pribyl

analia_pribyl.jpg I am a fourth year Art & Design major, concentrating on Graphic Design.
Besides art and technology, I love to scuba dive because I get to travel
and experience different places around the world, including many 2nd
and 3rd world countries. I am excited for this class to help me apply my
knowledge and experience to a problem effecting San Pablo. I am working
with four other students on a project to improve agricultural efficiency.

Reina Ingham

I am a third year Environmental Management and Protection major and am working on a biology minor. I am looking forward to getting a bachelors degree in Nursing after I graduate from Cal Poly. I love to dance, ski, and kayak, and I love to be outdoors! My group in this Appropriate Technology class is working to find maintainable practices for building homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Scott Grandi-Hill

external image YUGQD.jpg
I am a Soil Science Graduate student focusing on bioremediation and using vegetated waterways for waste and stormwater treatment. I’m an avid cyclist and homebrewer and love living in SLO. My group is looking at setting up a rainwater harvesting system for the Mateves village in Tanzania.

Sara Fulmine

I am a Recreation, Parks, Tourism, and Administration major with a concentration in Travel & Tourism. I recently traveled to Fiji and found a new appreciation for other cultures and their ways of life. I am also currently working on my senior project which is the motivations and constraints of volunteer tourism among students, so this class is right up my ally. I am a part of the ‘Cooking in Tanzania” group, focusing on using a different types of energy to cook with other than wood since they have a deforestation problem.

Lindsey Serna

My Name is Lindsey Serna. I am currently a senior here at Poly majoring in Recreation, Parks, Tourism Administration with a concentration in Travel & Tourism. I am addicted to traveling and found love in beer tasting. So much love that I am starting a blog and I am trying to establish a beer trial for my senior project. I was born and raised here on the Central Coast and Santa Maria is where I call home. What I am most excited about this class is that fact that I could possibly travel to help other people. I am part of the “Cooking in Tanzania” group, we are trying to find solutions for the deforestation problem, and the increasing health risks that come with in-door cooking.

Reyna Schenck

I am a third year Environmental Management and Protection major with a minor in Economics. I love to go hiking and explore the world around me and I hope to be able to travel the globe and experience different cultures. I am part of the “Alternative Housing in the Congo” group in which we are working to introduce environmentally freindly housing options to the community.

Melissa Sullivan


I am a third year Anthropology and Geography major with a concentration in Environmental Studies and Sustainability. My life pretty much revolves around my horse and teaching at the stables I work for, but besides riding I love being outdoors hiking, swimming, and biking. I would love to be able to travel as much as possible when I leave school. I am in the “Alternative Housing in the Congo” group and we are researching a plan to introduce straw bale housing to communities in the Congo.