Next Steps…

2nd Prototype…The Happy Doomsday Stove II


Modifications to the prototype 1 stove including :

  • welding pieces of steel ingaps where rice hulls fell through
  • Cutting a larger opening in the bottom where rice hulls burn
  • Adding in cylindrical tubes from the bottom of the stove for increased air flow to the fire

Testing Results:

  • Could not get fire to be self sufficient.
  • Had trouble getting the rice hulls to light. They continually burnt out, even with an oxygen being fed to the fire via and oxygen tank.

Possible Changes/Additions

  • Cut length of air pipes on outside
  • Make air pipes on the interior taller
  • Mesh grading on various widths (larger than the rice hulls) that can be moved to change the flow of the rice hulls
  • Modify gap that rice hulls flow through


  • Build a new stove!
    • use lighter material than the steel on above stove
    • make stove versatile to burning different materials
    • allow chutes and burn tray to be adjustable