Photovoltaic Electric Cooking

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Presently traditional “3 stone fires” consume resources, tax families’ time and financial resources, produce CO2 and emit other pollutants. These biomass fires cause deforestation and the related indoor air pollution is responsible for an estimated 4 million deaths annually – more than malaria and AIDS combined. Our Photovoltaic-electric cooking technology is briefly described in this video from a conference of Solar Cookers International and our research group is further developing the technology while groups of students from appropriate technology classes are exploring opportunities to collaboratively introduce these technologies at the grass roots level with AidAfrica in Uganda, as well as in Rwanda and Ghana.

Students building a prototype for residential use.
Students in Appropriate Technology built a working prototype from a straw bale Winter of 2016.
Summer research group implementation of PV cooker in Uganda.
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Making a Cheap Data Logger for temperature and Power.