Project Outlook

Project Reflections

Mia: I had a great time with my group. I felt like from the beginning we all had a strong connection to one another, with a passion to make a successful project. I love how we all came from different disciplines (i.e. architecture, engineering, business). This allowed each person to put their interests into practice while learning about one another’s disciplines. I felt that our project got a slow start, but came together quickly in the end as we got past the initial learning curve of the project dynamic. Overall I really liked this project because it felt applicable and now that Maddi will continuing be continuing the making of this project with AidAfrica, we could hopefully see this be implemented in the future.

Next Steps

We hope to see this project continue to develop into an appropriate technology used in many developing countries. For now the next step is to have Maddi do some research of the audience with AidAfrica and then come back and develop a business model for the PVE Solar Cooker.

Group Dynamic

The group dynamic for this project worked very well. Each person was from a different major and knowledge of design development. This allowed each person to get a chance to learn something new and teach one another. For this class, we did have some people in different lab sections, which made it difficult at times to get as much work done. This definitely applied when we started working at the student experimental farm. Monday nights were not ideal to work out in the SEF, but the group did make an extra effort to go to the SEF and work on the project even on off days. Overall the group worked well together and communicated clearly.