Proposed Business Model

Our group is experimenting with an innovative 2-market approach and technical design for this product, which we have named SunStove. Similar to what BioLite has done with their technology, our group hopes to develop different solar cooking technologies; one’s target market being “developed communities” and the other’s target market being “developing communities”. The purpose of this business model is to develop an environmentally positive technology for the developed world which could generate the necessary revenue to disseminate solar cook stoves to developing communities all over the world. In this sense, the business model would fit a Benefit Corporation platform

Benefit Corporations (B-Corp)
A benefit corporation, or B-Corp, is a for profit company that, in addition to providing value to shareholders, has a stated goal of having a positive impact on society, the environment, and its employees.

Case Study: BioLite
Case Study: GoSun Stove
SunStove’s Business Proposal
-Currently, as a group, we are not finalizing the business model since we are most concerned with the technical design of SunStove currently. There are a few stakeholders and later courses that may work on the specific business model more. Additionally, the business model cannot be fully worked out until there is a better understanding of what the final technology is and if there will be a two-tailed technical approach to correspond to the two-tailed business approach-