Solar Direct Drive Summer Research 2017

See research from Summer 2016
Energy, Society, Environment Background Education – about 10 hours of videos providing background of energy.
Solar Direct Drive (SDD) reading resources:
Increasing grid reliability versus connection from the Energy Institute at Haas
SDD for refrigeration in Tanzania (Unicef, WHO)
Tesla goes SDD.
Making a high resistance, high strength material from bread
LATimes, We finally have the problem we’ve been wanting to have: How to manage the excess amount of solar electricity during the day?

Peltier Research – How to make a freezer with Peltier Thermal Electric Cooling

Insulated Solar Electric Cooking, (ISEC).
Our publication. Our work in Uganda, 2016. An ISEC with immersion heater built and tested in Sept. 2017.
Heating Water with Covered Solar Pools, Report.
Maddi Fleming’s Senior Project, Dec. 2017
Video on manufacturing of immersion heaters
ETHOS Presentation, Jan, 2018, Seattle Wa.
Development Showcase, Feb. 20, Cal Poly