Solar Ice Conventional

From Robert Van Buskirk:

April 4, 2018
FYI: Met a company in Guangzhou that solved the refrigerator surge problem with a little patented input electronics modification to allow fridges and freezers to run either off 220 AC or 12v DC from a battery.

The company is Guangzhou Felicity Solar Technology Company Limited.

A 200 liter ac/dc chest freezer from them costs $280 at the factory door.

200 liters is about 7 cubic feet.

The typical 7 cu ft chest freezer in the US costs about $200, so this DC electronics is coming at about a 40% price premium (about $80), but it is likely to be cheaper than paying for high quality inverter electronics

The diode pot should be able to provide the voltage regulation, so we might have a solution for direct dc solar power of a freezer without battery more or less solved.

-Robert VB