Solar Sizzlers

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Our Mission:
Utilize solar technology to help developing communities thrive in a sustainable manner and identify where solar cooking would be applicable.


Beacon Of Hope
Solar Cookers International

Primary Goals:
Communicate with Pilgrim Africa’s Beacon of Hope in Uganda to educate the community on the benefits of solar technology, especially for cooking purposes. Hopefully, this education will lead to the implementation of solar-based energy uses in the community.

We need to research solar cooking technologies in order to appropriate it to the culture of Uganda. Contact Beacon of Hope and do research to Identify regions where solar cooking is applicable. Then to relay information that we learn to our audience in order to inform but not impose.

E SDG Poster_-Letter
E SDG Poster_-Letter


Research the Target audience – Because the experts on the main problem are the locals and people living in the areas. Not the people working behind a desk overseas


Group and Contact information:

Sam Korff

Jamie Chafe

Joanne Phung

Marshall Brusca

Connor Church

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