Spin Dryer Comments

Spin Dryer Comments


Pete here: I really enjoyed working with your group. I’m very impressed with your work, your presentation, and your website. Below, please find some notes intended for both you, and the next group working on this project:

I like the way your “outsource” some of your earlier efforts to other websites. It allows the main website to flow smoothly.

I don’t think that the correct metric should be % water removed, because depending on how you immerse the fabric, it will have different amounts of water in it. I think a better metric would be final % water by weight… that is, you should have the mass of the dry clothes beforehand, and then compare the final mass of water after drying. I also think it’s important to use the same fabric every time, because I would bet that different fabrics dry differently.

You mention that an industrially available spin dryer does better than your device. You calculated and compared the accelerations of your device and a washer’s spin cycle. How close are you to it? Could you improve your design to be beter? What would have to happen? What would be the challenges?

I think that your final design matrix needs to be revised. Your highest point getter was something that you don’t have access to, so the scales should be changed?

Future Ideas: How about looking at making the device spin on a vertical axis? Would this even be advantageous?

Pete here: I think it’d be great if you estimated the acceleration of your drying mechanism and compared it to that of a spin cycle… you might not have to do the latter calculation, as I think that the group last year did it. You can refer to them and their calculation.
I also think that at this point, you should have a completely different design matrix as to “what are our next options”. You really don’t need to any longer consider the other methods. I think that you’ve ruled them out… nicely done!
A short conclusion would be great. Please see red text below.

Here’s a picture if you want it:

I witnessed the bike-pump testing yesterday in lab. Looks like it’s coming along great! -David H.

I like that you eliminated the methods that push water out and have reverted to drawing the moisture out through centrifugal force. When you tested it today in lab, it seemed to work effectively, though I would suggest mounting the frame of the bucket so that there is a potential for higher speeds and more efficiency. – Jason

I appreciated the two matrices for perspective on where you started/where you have gone. Any pictures on the bike stand? I saw you working on/refining the stand yesterday in lab. That might be useful for people to see what you have done and what you are seeking to improve. –Aaron

Thanks for putting up that video; it’s great to see the spin dryer in action! – Ethan F.

Thanks for the chain advice- Sheila

I like the way your wiki page is set up, it is really organized and easy to follow. Also, for your communication challenges our group is somewhat split as Ethan is in the morning lab. A way that works pretty well for us is that Ethan leaves us notes on what he did as well as puts it all on a google doc so maybe trying that would help a little. Congrats on the success of the bike, the video was great! -Kimber

Loved the step by step pictures, really shows your thought process and work. Great job! You should add some background on what has been previously done and how your methods compare. – Shauna

The video gave me a nice visual of what your process is like and I enjoyed the member descriptions at the bottom! -Audrey

It is really great that you included photos of your process. They help to give a clear representation of what you are doing and will be helpful at the end of the class to see all of the steps you have gone through. -Anna

I really like the preliminary and post-testing decision matrices. It shows how the design / thought process actually works (the first option or path doesn’t always end up being the best). -Pearce

It would be great if you put a drawing of the spin dryer on the wiki and perhaps some notes on construction. It’s difficult to see how it is assembled from the pictures, and since it looks like time to build is the lowest scoring category on the decision matrix, assembly could be a potential area for improvement. – Sean

Really awesome project. One question that pops into my head is whether or not people in developing countries would be open to this change in the beginning stages, when it’s still a very foreign method to them. -Gaby