Spreading Awareness In San Pablo

5459308813_928c6f0828_z.jpgSpark Curiosity, Spark interest!

After some discussions with Wendy and among the group members, we have found that it is necessary to let people know what is available for their houses. We truly believe that the first step is to generate curiosity and interest by saying that we can help them solve economical and environmental problems.
I personally think this is a very bad thing to tell them. The things I tell them is that can count on me to fail, question, and learn. I am very reluctant to say anything that resembles a promise because they will likely hold you to it and be disappointment when things don’t turn out they way they want.
There are several potential ways that we think can be used to give out information:

  • Creating informative flyers and posters
  • Giving weekly tours at the demonstration house
  • Giving talks about the current situation of consumption and dependence (not only in San Pablo, but also in all over the world)
  • Letting the people know about the environmentally harming ways of producing electricity in the region, which is mostly by burning coal
  • Informing them on how expensive energy is for them and that we can help them reduce this costThis is a tough one… they don’t pay for electricity, because they refuse to… I think we spoke about this, no?

Ultimately, these methods are just to tell them what they can do to improve their homes. After we get their interests and have them visit the demonstration house, we can find certain individuals who are interested in learning the specifics of the logistics behind the five existing technologies. We then proceed to the education section of the plan, where we explain not only why but also how these technologies would work better in their houses.

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