Stakeholder Analysis

The graph below outlines who the key players within the implementation of this project are. It evaluates each ‘stakeholder’ based on how the project implementation would affect them (+/ -), how integral and necessary they are to the completion of the project, and how much influence they have within the community of Agbokpa.

We would like to emphasize, recognize, and highlight how crucial David Dyer will be in the successful implementation of the solar-powered garden. David Dyer is currently our only ‘on-the-ground’ connection to the Agbokpa community. He is currently living there as an assistant farms operation manager for the Africa Atlantic Farms. He has helped us tremendously so far in this project by giving us an idea as to what the community members want and what life is like in Agbokpa. We hope that he can be the farm manager for the proposed Agbokpa solar powered garden due to his established relationship with the community and understanding of farming practices.

StakeHolder Analysis.pdf