Team Bios


Gaby Antonova
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Gaby is a 2nd year Biology student, with an interest in research directed towards sustainable practices. She is an active member of the University Honors Program. She also works closely with Sustain SLO in various areas of research such as educational models and the implementation of sustainable practices as a tool for education. She is the Assistant Regional Director for Sprout Up, Environmental Education for the Next Generation and hopes to continue enhancing available education that addresses the importance of sustainability and consciousness towards environmental health.

Victor Ayala
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Agriculture and Environmental Plant Science major with a concentration in Crop Science. Aspires to change farming practices for the better by creating a company that he’s proud to put his name on. This class has helped him refine his thought process in many ways. At the beginning, the propose of this class was to meet a graduation requirement. Now that the quarter is over and has experienced the course, he is glad he was able to take part in it and can walk away with more than the fulfillment of a requirement. Thank you Pete.

Oren Ben-Joseph
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Oren is a 4th year Business Administration & Information Systems student at Cal Poly. With this background knowledge, Oren hopes to apply successful business techniques to the sustainable energy industries. After learning more about Appropriate Technologies he has also become interested in this field. He hopes to travel around the world and truly experience the culture and life of others that he shares this planet with.

Julie Famular Julie is a third year Graphic Communication major, concentrating in management. Julie decided to major in Graphic Communication based on her combined interests in technology and creativity. She has also always been interested in nutrition and sustainability, which is why she chose to be a part of the sustainable nutrition group. This project has opened up her eyes to what really needs to be done to help developing countries. She enjoyed learning about the lifestyle of those living in Guatemala, as well as learning about the program in Guateca. If this project continues to develop in UNIV 392, Julie hopes to help and continue learning.

Hilary Poff
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Hilary is a third year Biology major, concentrating in anatomy and physiology. She decided to major in biology in order to prepare her for a career in the medical field. This project was especially interesting to her because it took into account the culture, health, and daily lives of a group of people to create a plan that could better their lives.

Kelsey Stewartcrops club pumpkin patch.jpg Kelsey is a 5th year Agricultural and Environmental Plant Science major, concentrating in Crop Science and Plant Protection Science. With the “learn by doing” atmosphere within her major, she hopes to gain the knowledge to effectively implement sustainable practices in her future career. She also wants to be hands on in the field where she has the opportunity to manage plants, pests, weeds, fertilization, and the timing of planting and harvesting crops. She is currently a member of Cal Poly’s Crops Club where she has the opportunity to be involved and network with leaders in the agricultural industry. Kelsey is also a member of San Luis Obispo County Young Farmers and Ranchers. Where they work with the Farm Bureau to voice concerns in the industry and aim to represent all farmers and ranchers in fighting for what they want. In her future she hopes to have to opportunity to travel, so she can expand her knowledge and be introduced to agricultural practices across the world.

Tamsin ThorenTamsin and Panda.jpg Tamsin will be graduating in June with a B.S. in Nutrition (clinical concentration). She plans to work domestically in nutrition research and policy as well as working abroad in combatting nutrient deficiencies through improved agriculture and education. She is a member of the University Honors Program and has presented her research on genetically modified organisms at the CSU Honors Research Conference. She is currently a research assistant for a multi-campus dietary intake clinical trial and the Cal Poly STRIDE Heart Health Study. She volunteers with the San Luis Obispo County Senior Nutrition Program and French Hospital Medical Center and assists in planning and implementation of nutrition education programs with Cal Poly STRIDE Health Ambassadors and Pink and Dude Chefs. She has traveled extensively and spent considerable time in Reykjavik, Iceland and Rome, Italy. While in Rome she was fortunate enough to visit the UN FAO headquarters and learn about their efforts to use school gardens as a means toward decreasing undernutrition.

Andrea Vilas
Andrea is a 2nd year sociology major with a concentration in criminal justice. She is part of the Honors Program at Cal Poly and through the program she has learned about sustainable living and the pressing need to change the way we live. She makes a great effort to help the environment and live sustainably. In her hometown she was the vice president of an environmental club with her high school. A large part of this club involved going to local schools and doing clean up to remove litter and try to encourage recycling. She hopes to continue this effort by increasing her knowledge of the problems in order to branch out more to find a solution.