Training Programs

2197618966_ae516f4b20_o.jpgLearn by Doing!

After we have recognized the pros and cons in implementing our technologies, it would be the appropriate time for us to write a training program for volunteers and any one who would be interested in learning. These programs will be a method to teach the villagers how to properly install these sustainable technologies in their houses. From our experiences with the prototypes, we will be able to give better instructions as well as tips and tricks in making the installation process go faster and smoother.

There are several ways and methods that this training program can follow, three simple and practical ones are listed below:

  • Giving the trainees how-to-manuals on each technology and check on their plans and progress every weekI just don’t think that manuals and/or informative pamphlets will have any effect at all. The key is community meetings and involvement. I think that you have to involve the community from the beginning… I think that you have to start by asking them if they find any of this interesting… They need to be brought into the design as early as possible.
  • Holding weekly classes for each technology with hands on experiments
  • Holding classes that have the how-to-manuals as text books

These training programs ultimately aim at producing qualified individuals and teams that can potentially be beneficial to our business model in the next section.

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