UNIV391 Develop – F2011

Appropriate Technology for the World’s People: Development


Pete Schwartz


Meet the Students: Where you can see photos and read short biographies about each student who participated in this class.

A listing of each group’s wikipage, team member names, and a contact.

Project Group Team Members Cal Poly Contact
Agricultural Efficiency – Eficiencia de la Agricultura Rory Aronson, Arianna Metcalfe, James Hall, Sadie Jones, Analia Pribyl Rory Aronson: rory@roryaronson.com
Prevention of Zoonotic Diseases Victoria Lyons, Emily Segal, Grace Luttrell Victoria Lyons
Solid Waste Management – Manejo de Residuos Solidos Graham Taylor, Brant Haflich, Ben Lewis, Louis Lefebvre llefebvr@calpoly.edu
Louis Lefebvre
Alternative Housing in the Congo Lindsay MacLeod, Reina Ingham, Reyna Schenck, Melissa Sullivan Lindsay MacLeod
Clean, Sustainable, self-sufficient energy to San Pablo Brittney Cooper, Steven Kinnear, Jason Kurian, Trevor Hooper Trevor Hooper
San Pablo Community Nursery Travis Cook, Matthew Griego, Kyle Sato, Brecken Thomas Kyle Sato
Natural Buildings in San Pablo Amanda Rowlee, Claire Landkamer, Cameron Wardlaw, Tasha Nobles, Andy Rohner Amanda Rowlee
Polytechnic Permaculture Alex Vincent, Brandy Kalbach, Clare Farrington, Jordan Grant, Patrick Robertson Alex Vincent
Indoor Cooking and Ventilation in Paraguay Amanda Eskildsen, Corey Ewert, Jack Barker,
Jessica Grant
Jack Barker
Solar Cooking in Tanzania Ben Woodford, Noel Fie, Lindsey Serna, Sara Fulmine Ben Woodford
Rainfall harvesting in the Mateves village in Tanzania Scott Grandi-Hill, Amy Anderson, Leah Herbert, Nicole Esposito Scott Grandi-Hill
Entrepreneurship in Guateca Anthony Cerrato, Jeremy Wong Jeremy Wong