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Alex Gyorffy

STUDENT_POLY_PROFILE_SELF_SVC.photo.jpeg Alex is a third-year Business student in the Honors Program at Cal Poly. He is currently pursuing a minor in economics, and has always had a passion for the environment and protecting our plant. Alex was very lucky to grow up in a family that values traveling. He has been to five different continents, and developed a global perspective through trips to South Africa, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Hungary, England, Canada, and Mexico. This project taught him a lot about sustainable development and opened his eyes to the many problems in developing nations. But more importantly, this project helped him come to the realization that our country has huge problems of its own. America is the biggest environmental abuser, and Alex hopes to bring change in the future.

Sean Lang-Brown

267133_412640542130528_2142865437_o.jpg Sean in a third year Biology major in the Honors Program at Cal Poly. He is interested in using interdisciplinary research, systems thinking, design and new media to advance human health. Sean has worked as a research assistant in the Cal Poly FLASH College Health Study and is a member of the Cal Poly Medical Design Club. Sean is a graduate of the Academy of Integrated Humanities and New Media (AIM) at Tampalpais High School . His collaborative social commentary film, Plastic, won a 2011 High School Emmy Award in the Public Affairs category from the Northern California chapter of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Working on the Humanure project, Sean learned how important it is to design technology specific to the community in which it will be used and how little can be known without immersion and on-site testing. Sean has also been inspired by this class to pursue a simpler and more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Charles Moritz

STUDENT_POLY_PROFILE_SELF_SVC-1.photo.jpeg Charles is a third year Biology major with an interest in molecular and cellular biology research. He is currently working in the Cal Poly Molecular Forensics program, and hopes to use the knowledge he gains to help tackle environmental and public health issues. He was born in Australia and has since lived in France, Indonesia, and the United States. Traveling the globe introduced him to a variety of cultures, and has developed his passion for the environment and humanitarian work. This class has taught him how to take a patient and holistic approach to development projects; as well as opening his eyes to current global concerns and the steps we can all take to help mitigate them.

Jeanette Neethling

Photo 317.jpg Jeanette is a 5th-year Environmental Engineering major with a passion for water, sanitation, and community development. She has been overseas a number of times for service projects, travel, and family visits. Her family lives in South Africa, so she has been there a number of times. In addition, she went to Zambia in the Summer of 2010 with Seeds of Hope International Partnerships (learn more here), made many friends, and served with the organization. She has taken design classes during her time at Cal Poly. She loves anything outside, hiking, biking, napping, and just being. She loves singing and playing guitar, especially with her church family. She hopes to go to India someday, so this project brought a lot of vision for her. She has really valued getting to see a different culture and trying to problem-solve at a distance, knowing that when close-by, the project could change completely.