Website Review May, 2018

Immersion Heater: great blurb on MCW (main class website). I would delete “This group has shop on Mondays” as I should know it by now.
On your entry page, please make a live link back to our class where you mention the class.
I would make a direct reference to our research paper in there.
For the 4 million deaths, please reference the WHO – see our publication if you need it.
Rather than state “We must also be able to manufacture…” I encourage you put it in terms of, “… if we can manufacture these in the village, we support local employment, innovation…” and something about taking advantage of the very low cost of labor in these countries.
In your statement, “This aligns with their current method of cooking, which is boil and simmer.” I’d add the geographic reference… like in Malawi and most of sub-Saharan Africa, most people cook by boil and simmer… which will be compatible with our method.
Please provide more information, explanation, and analysis in the progress section. What did you do? How did it work?
What does this mean, “have less contaminate,” I don’t fully understand your Persona table. I like that you have a hybrid paying model, whereby charity organizations only subsidize. This is what Robert is striving for. The distinction between recipient and target user is not clear to me.
I would simplify your decision matrix by averaging each person’s input. Make it simpler for the reader.
Please check out Gapminder and collect some demographic information and a graph or two about Malawi.
I like how you put the .pdf of your research history on the website, but didn’t include the information itself on the website.
I find the website professional and well put together. If you continue building this and add the things I ask for, You will have an “A” for the website.
I find the moving background pattern distracting – but maybe that’s just me?

Electric Cookpot: On the MCW please put an appropriate title to associate with the link to the student website. I’m presuming Kate doesn’t want her contact information on the table, which is OK. I suggest you remove “This group will have to coordinate their communication split between two shop sections”. Also, please state in this blurb what you are working on…. Isn’t it a diode-heated cookpot -or something like that? Rather than “working off of” try “we aim to improve the present diode-heated cookpot prototype developed by our collaborator…” What does “cleaner” and “more feasible” mean? I think you’re exploring how heat sinking the diodes to the pot allows you to use smaller, less expensive diodes, no? I would drop the statement about RVB. I don’t exactly understand parts of it, and I think it would be best to simplify your goals. Maybe you could make a clearer statement about the prototype on the dedicated page. We should probably talk about it so we all understand what we want to say there. Let’s discuss your problem statement… I like what your group is doing, but it doesn’t seem your problem statement captures that. Please attach a short narrative to your design matrix to explain the options and what you found from it. You could also export this matrix to a different website.
“About us” Isn’t really about you… I’d like to see a page with short bios and a picture, unless you don’t want to be public. The information on the page itself is good background, but in my opinion should be on the “home” page. Also, I wouldn’t lead people to the RVB correspondence. It’s your gob (in my opinion) to simplify the story for the reader.
I encourage you to think not about redistributing “lost” heat back to the pot, but rather “effectively heatsinking the diodes to the pot” so that the diodes stay cool (below 200 C) and the pot heats up (above 100 C). Rather than can run through the system next week” You might ask about maximum current you can run through the system, or how much heat you can produce from the system… without breaking the diodes, or heating the diodes to too high a temperature.
For Malawi, please research some information on Gapminder and build a graph or two for the website. Good start, please continue to improve wording and organization. You need more work before I would assign an “A” to the website, but I’m sure you’ll get there. Please feel free to ask me more questions about the project and how to express it best on the website.

Cellphone Charger:
On the table of the Main Class Website.
– If Jojo is willing, please put her name and contact on the MCW with the project.
– Please rewrite the blub in the table on the MCW to better explain what you’re doing.
Your website
Please make a direct link to the Solar Cookpot website from your reference to them.
Careful about Kuyere!, as they are presently bringing these products to Africa… 1000 installations in April alone. I think in 10 to 20 years, they have the goal of electrifying the entire continent… but I’m not sure.
I like the link to your family on Dollar Street. Please collect and provide a graph and some demographic information – available through Gapminder.
Bios of you guys?
Some of your efforts? Pictures?
In your decision matrix – I would spin this to a different website and provide a narrative as to what you investigated and what you found. There is some important information you didn’t consider: in collaborating with the two solar electric cooking groups, you have a free, already made voltage source if you use the diodes as a voltage divider.
I would not have a link to RVB correspondence. It may be confusing to the reader. However, you could summarize some of the things he’s doing.
Please include more on what you’ve done in shop, with pictures and labels for the system you bought and are taking apart. Also, please look up what the concerns are in charging a cell phone. What are the tolerances for voltages? What are the voltage outputs of your solar panel? How about the batter? What’s the voltage for the batter? Can you buy a $5 used phone on Craigslist?
Good start, keep it up.

Fetal Heart Rate Monitor – MCW: I would drop the reference to last year’s project because that’s not what you are doing. I wouldn’t want the first thing people read about to be something that you’re not doing.
Website: I don’t understand “problematic fetal growth”,
Under “our solution” you have the same paragraph twice.
Rather than concluding with “helping families in need.” I’d make a more succinct statement about the products impact – Reducing birth-related mortalities and (??) complications in poor countries. Something like that?
Good Target Community Table. Please do some research on Gapminder (or somewhere else) on the target country.
Your design matrix has a different outcome than your decision. Can you explain? Maybe write a statement about this?
I’d like to see a bio about each of you under the group. Nothing extensive, but maybe a little more than you have already.
Provide a prototype design as soon as possible. I look forward to your building something… whether successful or otherwise.
Keep it up. I think you need more here, but you have started now. Keep it up.

Blood Clot Diagnostic: MCW: I really like your abstract. However, I think it’s a little too detailed for the table (but excellent for the beginning of your website). Please summarize for the table a little better. Why the extra link at the bottom of the blurb?
What’s “a sustainable” device? Be careful to not overuse the word “sustainable”.
Your “contact” button doesn’t seem to function for me.
I don’t understand the meaning of the pictures beneath the pregnant woman’s belly.
I’d crop the other people out of the picture as I did below.
Sarah winning.pngStill working on answering the questions in your help center.
Please add more information about each of you in your bios.
Target community table: Good work. Please make it larger. Please collect some demographic information about an area of your choice. Use Gapminder to make some graphs. I’m sure they have information on birth mortalities for example.
Maybe have a narrative about your decision matrix. I would also encourage you to keep text as text, rather than put it in a picture as you do beneath your decision matrix.
Products: Blood Pressure Cuff?
I look forward to seeing a prototype that you make. How about a prototype design on your website?
Please continue to work on your website and keep up the good work.

Microgrid: MCW: Please make the blurb on the table represent your own description of your project.
Your website: I find your initial statement confusing: “What are alternatives to seeing the expansion of renewable energy worldwide?” Maybe instead, “In expanding renewable energy, can we do better than the standard central station / grid model?”… I mean you can do better, but hopefully you get my point.
“infliction”… do you mean “cost”?
“after organizing principles leave”? Do you mean “how can a microgrid remain sustainably functional, managed by local community members?”
Research: I like the way you developed this page by having links to other documents and providing short summaries. I think it would be nice if you could provide a little more information in the summary of these documents.
You don’t mention Okra that I can see. Do you consider yourself collaborating with them, or not so much? Have they seen the webpage?
I didn’t understand the statement for the McEwen paper. What does “mobilization” mean? Is this like a CCE/CCA as well as the next article?
Your electricity map is to a Talk Heads video (Stay Up Late). Am I missing something?
In general, this would be a great resource page if you provide some more information or statement of where you are going with it.
I think you leave out something important in your decision matrix: With personal battery capacity, you have a built in asset because many people will already buy batteries. Connecting them with a local grid will only bring more value to everyone because some people will get to use more electricity, and others will sell electricity they wouldn’t use anyway. Last week, RVB and I submitted the proposal for a grass roots growth of grid from the bottom up.
I am impressed by your “target communities” page. Please provide a short narrative for what we should gain from the Gapminder graphs.
Models: I’d remove the correspondence with RVB. It’s kind of long and complicated.
I’m impressed with your summary of Kuyere! on the “models” page. Please say more about Okra… even if it’s to say that they are no longer a compelling model for you, and why that’s the case.

Food Storage: Please improve your blurb on the MCW.
Website: Really nice narrative. I’d provide direct links to Peggy, Mark, and the PBproject.
In your research statement, I think you refer to last year’s project. I would refer to this project more explicitly and provide a direct link.
Nice demographic information. You could use a graph or two from Gapminder?
Decision Matrix: The cheaper technology should have the higher score. Is this the way you did it? Are you going with a “pot in a pot”? It got the highest score. Can you provide more of a narrative explaining what you learned from the design matrix.
Please add pictures of the experimental set up.
Maybe provide more information in your bios? If you want to.
I don’t understand the “contact us” website. I’d drop this website and direct the reader to one person’s contact information. Do you think this is a good idea?

Chicken Website: MCW, please make the blurb something from your group rather than my advertisement to you. Please provide contact information to the people, unless you don’t want to.
Website: Good first statement – something like this could be on the MCW project table. I think you could do a better job for a map. Please link the class name to the MCW.
Maybe you could add more information on your bios, unless you don’t want to.
For your design matrix, please include a short narrative of what you are deciding and what the result is. Are you sure a light powered chamber would work as well as a vacuum pump?
Powered eggs are fat free? Where does the fat go?
I think there is a contradiction: You state that if you stay below 80 C, the antibodies are preserved, but then you say that above 135 F (~ 57C) the antibodies degrade. Did I understand this wrong?
Please provide demographics and your target people table (see other websites if you want to see an example). Please provide a graph or two from Gapminder.
Could you buy an egg dehydrator, or some other kind of dehydrator? Please look into it. If it’s too expensive, we can discuss IRA funds.
I look forward to seeing results from the experiments. How are you going to measure them?

Coconut Desiccation: Please rewrite the blurb on the MCW to be a statement from you to the public.
Website: Please put a direct link to CocoAsenso. A map of the Philippines would be great showing the island. For “The Project”, rather than show the document from the company, please summarize what they are asking for and then provide a link to their document at their website.
Use Gapminder to find demographic information about your community/country of interest.
Are you sure that briquettes are much cleaner than burning the husks? Let’s talk about this. Maybe the challenge could be to design a way to burn the husks with a clean burn? Vivian could make her LinkedIn website a direct link.
I look forward to seeing some experimental results.